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Sunny Barbados

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 An Insider’s Guide To Visiting Barbados

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For most, the thought of a Caribbean island getaway conjures images of idyllic beaches bordered by azure ocean, swaying palm trees, and luxury resorts. While this picture of paradise can be found on Barbados, there’s so much more to this tiny coral outcrop than one could imagine. Insider’s guide to visiting Barbados.

The “most British” of the Caribbean islands, Barbados boasts a rich history, vibrant landscape, and infectious  soca beat that resonates from north to south. Affectionately known as “Little England”, afternoon tea is a ritual, cricket is the national pastime, and dressing for dinner is a firmly entrenched tradition.

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Picture yourself in paradise—warm sand between your toes, an ocean breeze on your cheeks, waves crashing around you as you gaze out at endless water. 

 Swim with the turtelSwim with the turtel

Relax and unwind

Barbados boasts a year round temperate climate that rarely drops below 70 degrees (21 degrees Celsius), and while the summer months bring patchy rain and the occasional hurricane threat local’s believe that “God is a Bajan” because severe weather systems rarely make landfall.

November through June clear skies and sunny days attract the majority of visitors to the island. Christmas and New Year see a peak in occupancy and consequently prices soar. For those seeking a more affordable escape, July and August offer discounted rates (up to 50% off peak prices) and the opportunity to take part in some of the island’s famed festivals such as the Crop Over Kadoonment Day.

For travellers who crave an appealing blend of price, weather, and activity, May is the perfect time to visit. Most of the island’s main attractions are still open, the rainy season has yet to set in, and the winter crowds have long since dispersed.

For some people, the appeal of Barbados is its unspoilt golden beaches and year round sun. After the hustle and bustle of your hectic daily lives, what could be more appealing than relaxing with a rum cocktail on a sun bed that looks out over the never-ending cobalt seas? If you get bored with sunbathing, you can always relax and unwind at a health spa, indulge in some retail therapy in the exclusive shops that epitomise luxury and style, or take a stroll around the beautiful gardens with their wide array of flora and fauna.

Of course, you may want a holiday that offers excitement, new adventures, and the vibrant sights and sounds of the Caribbean? If so, Barbados is the place for you. The island offers breathtaking views, a wide variety of water sports, scuba diving, paragliding, sailing, island hopping and much, much more. Barbados is famous for its top range golf courses, which attract keen golfers from all over the world. There are also opportunities to play polo, hockey, tennis, or even go rallying. At the end of every sun-kissed day, Barbados comes alive with a rich mixture of food, music and entertainment. Whatever holiday you want, Barbados has what you need. The memories you make in just a few weeks will echo through your lifetime.


Culture and history

The culture and history of Barbados in many ways represents a fusion of African and British cultures. This is because the British first occupied Barbados in 1627 and the island remained a British colony until internal autonomy was granted in 1961 and complete independence gained in 1966. There are many other cultural influences evident in Barbados; from the Venezuelan Amerindians to the Caribs, Portuguese and Spanish, the island has long attracted explorers and travellers.Beach lifeBeach life

Today, Barbados is a cosmopolitan country that pulls you in with its heady mix of tastes, sounds and sights to create the authentic Caribbean experience. The island is rich with its own unique and eclectic culture, so whether you are interested in music, art, gardens, museums, architecture, language or natural heritage, there are so many places to visit and things to do that you’ll wish you could stay for longer.

Barbados is a place that finds its way into your soul, a place that’s alive with bright colours and natural fragrance, a place that you take with you forever.


Fine dining in Barbados

Barbados is renowned for its fine dining and five-star restaurants, offering travellers a choice of dining experiences that are to be relished by anyone who appreciates good food. The island has a rich heritage when it comes to food, taking its influences from Africa, Asia and Europe to become the restaurant capital of the Caribbean. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the local culture or enjoy a relaxed, romantic meal overlooking the ocean, Barbados has something to offer even the most discerning of diners.fine diningfine dining

The unpolluted seas and natural conditions that surround Barbados mean that a large variety of sea and reef fish live off its shores. Barbados is renowned for its fish dishes, particularly flying fish, and wherever you go on the island, you will always find delectable fish dishes on the menu.


Relax, explore, enjoy…


With its unspoilt beaches of golden sand and cobalt blue skies, Barbados offers you the authentic Caribbean experience to explore and enjoy at your leisure. From sweeping views and majestic architecture, sophisticated style and shopping, to top range golf courses and water sports, Barbados is a place where the memories made in weeks will echo through a life time



A holiday for all seasons

In Barbados, the sun really does shine all year round. The average annual temperature is 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (25 to 30 degrees Celsius), which makes it a popular destination over the winter and spring months when visitors from less sunny climes come to enjoy the balmy temperatures and relax on the elegant golden beaches.

The summer and autumn months are slightly hotter with the occasional tropical showers that help to make this such a rich and verdant island.


Live the high life in high season

The high season of tourism in Barbados falls in the five months between mid-December and mid-May. During this time, the popular tourist areas bustle with activity and opportunities for adventure (although they are still far from crowded compared to destinations such as Puerto Rico or the Bahamas). This is when the hotels, shops and restaurants roll out the red carpet to offer the widest range of events and services, when the resorts resonate with entertainment and music, and when people come together from afar to enjoy perfect moments of paradise.

If you are thinking of visiting Barbados in the high season, we would always recommend that you book your flights, tours, transport and accommodation at least three months in advance.Bottom BeachBottom Beach

Enjoy the true spirit of Barbados in low season

While the high season has much to offer, many visitors believe that Barbados truly comes into its own in the low season. At its best, Barbados is synonymous with the authentic Caribbean experience, a place where travellers can enjoy an unhurried pace of life, where they can take in the many sights and sounds that will stay in their memories forever.

Although the temperature rises during the low season, the Atlantic trade winds keep the weather pleasant. This is an ideal time for families to visit because the main resorts and tourist areas are less crowded and easier to navigate. There is also less competition when it comes to using the island’s many sports facilities, leisure amenities and restaurants.

Events and festivals

Barbados has a rich and eclectic calendar of events and festivals throughout the year. Popular high season festivities include Christmas, New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Easter, as well as the Holetown Festival, which honours the 1627 founding of Barbados.Bajan life styleBajan life style

There are a number of low season festivals that attract visitors from around the world – these include the Crop Over Festival in July or August, and the Food, Wine and Rum Festival in November.



Barbados is an island where by and large everything works (transport, communication etc) and you can find almost anything you need. Having said that, visitors should make allowances for the island mentality that makes Barbados what it is, a paradisical island escape.


Fitts beachFitts beachTravellers with dietary requirements will find at least one or two options on most menus (or can be accommodated by the chef), and dairy and gluten free basics are widely available in supermarkets and speciality stores.


A traditional Bajan meal can be bought in a rum shop or on the most roads. These come in all shapes and sizes and are found in all neighbourhoods and towns on the island – for around BB$25. Currently this is around US$12 and £9. It will consists of chicken, pork, or fish, with macaroni pie, cou cou, or potato and salad.


A private home vacation is perfect for those looking to escape from all.


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